Leadership Strategies from an Army Life

Meeting the standard will always suffice if you want to be average or just get by. Exceeding the standard and living to a higher standard can lead to success and the achievement of your dreams.

Believe in something! Believe in yourself, believe in a creed, believe in your passion.

A hero is an everyday, ordinary person who has done something extraordinary. Honor them, praise them, and hope you will stand for what you believe in during a time of need.

Be disciplined. Know what right looks like.

If you take nothing else from this book—never walk by a mistake, or you just set a new lower standard!

Invincibility is a myth. Recognize your strengths and your weaknesses. Optimize your strengths, and deal with and minimize your weaknesses.

Don’t stop trying or fighting for what you believe in the first time someone tells you no.

Watch: General Dunwoody addressing University of Florida

A Higher Standard was selected as the common core reading book for the entire freshman class!